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Homeschooling Activities and More North Texas is an online homeschool resource group, sharing events, ideas, classes and more.  We share information for families in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Denton, and the many cities in between.  

There are so many families new to Texas AND new to homeschooling.  

If you have just moved here, Welcome to this great state, where homeschooling is BIG in our hearts.  We are thankful and gracious to the Texas lawmakers for giving parents the right to choose how we educate our children, with the most minimal requirements. 


 Did you know HAAMNTX offers a variety of information and content for Homeschoolers in our area?

Our Facebook Page and Facebook Group Page is the main source for content, however we are on Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Word Press, and Good Reads.  Recognizing we volunteer our time for HAAMNTX, we believe in Family first, and with our extra time we really love perfecting our various sites so we can share resources  we think you will like for your family. 

 HATS OFF to homeschool family based businesses and homeschool families who offer classes, clubs, etc. for family and schooling.  Last,  but not least, we LOVE to shower our appreciation to community businesses offering Homeschool Day opportunities, meeting space, and a warm welcome when visiting their venue.  We are currently showcasing these great businesses, recommended by our homeschool community in a project called OPEN Shop Homeschool Resource Directory   , available to  HAAMNTX Facebook Group Members.

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Homeschooling Activities and More North Texas invites you to join us on our Great Big Homeschool Adventure.  

-Beth Wallace

Admin Team~Social Media  


"The best way to predict your future is to create it."  - Abraham Lincoln